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Asaf Gavron - Eating stand up

Asaf Gavron - Eating stand up

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Uganda Records - Book

Eating Standing Up binds together the Assaf Gavron’s fast-food columns that appeared in the Jerusalem local magazine Kol Ha’ir between 1995-1997. At the background to his shrewed and funny falafel and other fast-food-joint reviews, you feel the presence of suffocating peace process, the Rabin assassination, the terrorist attacks and the urban changes Jerusalem and its surroundings went through in the years of mayor Ehud Olmert.
“Eating Standing Up does not speak about all these things,” writes Gavron in his introduction. “It speaks about eating standing up. The Rabin assassination is not even mentioned in the columns following November 4th 1995. Sometimes we forget we went on living, went on eating falafel. The period bubbles between the lines and words, trickles with the tehina, tell itself around the pizza sauce. Because put together, these texts whisper Jerusalem, the nineties, and something here is starting to collapse.”




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